Sunday, September 9, 2012

Some Back-to-School Pictures: Student Mailboxes and Teamwork Bulletin Board

Howdy and Happy Sunday!  Well this week will be the third week of school and it is already progress report time.  Today will be a day of grading papers!

I'm sharing with you an organizational find that I'm excited to use in my classroom!  The past two years I have used a file folder mailbox system for students to get their graded papers and important handouts.  I had a section for both homerooms and it just didn't work well.  The students had a hard time pulling papers out and it would create a huge line of students wanting to check their "mail file folder"

So this year I thought about using a shoe organizer as a student mailbox system.  Now I've seen this done on Pinterest, but most of the door shoe organizers you see in stores have up to 24 slots.   Here in fifth grade we can have 28-30 students so that just wouldn't work in my classroom.  I pondered just getting two shoe organizers, but I wanted one central place for students to go to.  

After much looking around I found a 30 slot door shoe organizer at The Container Store!  Check it out:

The Container Store 30-Pair Overdoor Shoe Organizer

It was a bit more than I wanted to pay, but I love the design and it is well made.  Also, The Container Store does have a teacher discount program!

I love the fact that I now have a place where my students can get their papers!  I basically have zero counter top space in my room so this door shoe organizer was a great alternative to traditional cardboard student mailboxes.  

I labeled each slot with a number that is assigned to each student, and the student who is a our class "Mail Clerk" is in charge of stuffing the mailboxes.  As for papers that belong to the other homeroom my "Mail Clerk" will deliver those to the their classroom mailboxes next door.

The slots are actually quite large and pretty easy to access.
Back in June I wrote a post about a wonderful book called "Brothers at Bat"

Brothers At Bat - A True Story

During the first week of school I read aloud the book to my homeroom and we discussed how we can work together in fifth grade.
After reading the book the students wrote about how the ways they could be team players on cutouts of baseballs.

I really love how the bulletin board turned out and thought it went great with my classroom theme/back-to-school activities.  The kids responses were really thoughtful and I'm sure parents will love seeing this display.

Have a fantastic week!  

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